The Ultimate Guide To Animal Husbandary – Livestock Mission Bakri Palan – पशु पालन लोन योजना | Pashupalan Yojana Loan – Pashupalan Loan Apply Online

Introduction :

A Livestock Loan, Also Known As A Pashupalan Loan, Is A Form Of Financial Support Provided To People Or Businesses Engaged In Animal Farming, Such As Raising Goats,Cattle Or Poultry. 

This Loan Is Crafted To Assist Farmers And Livestock Owners In Acquiring, Maintaining, Or Expanding Their Animal-related Activities. 

It Can Cover A Range Of Expenses, Like Buying Animals, Purchasing Feed, Covering Veterinary Expenses, And Improving The Infrastructure For The Animals. 

In India, Various Types Of Animal Husbandry Loan Scheme 2023 Are Available Like Bakri Palan Loan Yojana Or livestock mission bakri palan For Goats , Gou App An Loan For Cows, Murgi Palan Loan For Poultry, Machhli Palan Loan For Fish Cultivation Etc.

Livestock Loans Or Pashupalan Loan Usually Come With Terms And Conditions That Are Specifically Designed To Meet The Unique Needs Of Livestock Farmers, And The Collateral For Such Loans Is Often Based On The Value Of The Animals Themselves. 

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These Loans Play A Crucial Role In Supporting The Agricultural Sector, Ensuring The Well-being Of The Animals, And Enhancing The Overall Profitability Of The Farm.

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Customized Terms:

Livestock Loans Are Designed To Fit The Specific Needs Of Farmers And Livestock Owners, Considering The Unique Aspects Of Animal Farming.

Expenses Covered:

These Loans Can Help With Various Costs In Livestock Farming, Like Buying Animals, Feed, Healthcare, And Improving Farm Facilities.

Collateral Options:

Often, The Animals Themselves Can Be Used As Collateral, Making It Accessible For Those Primarily Invested In Livestock.

Flexible Repayment:

Repaying The Loan Can Be Adjusted To Match The Agricultural Seasons And Income Cycles.

Loan Amount Typically, the loan amount falls within the range of 75% to 100% of the asset or project’s total cost.
Tenure of loanAverage tenure of 7 years to 10 years.
Rate of InterestLivestock Loan Interest Rates usually between 7%to 12% per annum.
Processing FeesThe maximum processing charges are usually up to 5% of the loan amount approximately.
Part-payment and Foreclosure of loanThe fee varies between 2% and 5% of either the outstanding loan balance or the prepaid amount.

Notes : The Loan Amount,  Tenure, Interest Rates & Other Terms Associated Varies With Various Banks Guidelines. These Terms Typically Depend Upon Types Of Loans Associated.


Farm Support:

Livestock Loans Aim To Back Farming Activities By Providing Funds For Buying, Caring For, And Growing The Livestock.

Animal Welfare

Ensuring The Health And Well-being Of The Animals Is A Top Priority, As Healthy Animals Are More Productive And Beneficial For The Farm’s Profits.

Farm Growth:

These Loans Help Farms Expand And Improve By Enabling Farmers To Increase Their Livestock And Enhance Their Facilities.


Financial Aid

Livestock Loans Offer Financial Support To Farmers And Livestock Owners, Helping Them Invest In Their Livestock Operations.

Income Boost:

By Assisting Farmers In Acquiring And Raising More Animals, These Loans Increase Income Through Livestock Sales And Other Related Products.

Asset Growth:

As Animals Are Valuable Assets, Owning More Livestock Can Lead To Increased Wealth And Financial Stability For Farmers.

Agricultural Sustainability:

Livestock Loans Play A Role In Maintaining A Strong Agricultural Sector By Supporting The Success Of Livestock Farming.

Rural Development:

These Loans Contribute To Rural Development By Improving The Economic Prospects Of Farming Communities.

Documents Required :

The Mandatory Set Of Documents Required By Lenders Is The Kyc Documents.

 Some Of Such Documents Are Mentioned Below.

  • Identity proof
    • Aadhar Card
    • Voter’s Card,
    • Ration Card,
    • PAN Card, etc.
  • Address Proof
    • Aadhaar Card
    • Ration Card
    • Utility Bills
    • Bank Statements
    • Sales Tax Certificate
    • Trade License
    • Rent Agreement Or House Deed, etc.
  • Age Proof
    • Passport
    • PAN Card
    • Aadhar Card, etc.
  • Income Proof
    • ITR For The Past 2 Years
    • Bank Statements
  • Quotation For The Cost Of The Project For The Asset

How To Apply :

Animal Husbandry Loan Scheme 2023

Animal Husbandry Loan Apply Online

The Government Of India Is Presently Implementing A Program Called The National Livestock Mission (NLM) Within The Framework Of The Integrated Dairy Development Scheme (IDSS) Sponsored By Nabard With minister animal husbandry. You Can Avail This Animal Husbandry Loan Scheme 2023 Through Any Bank Across The Country.

  • Andhra Bank provides various facilities such as AB Kisan Vikas Card, AB Pattabhi Agricard, AB Kisan Chakra, Rural Godowns, Agri Clinics, Agri Service Centres, Self Help Groups, and Solar Cookers. They also offer schemes like Kisan Sampathi, Tractor Financing, Kisan Green Card, Surya Sakhti, and Loans to Dairy Agents.
  • Bank of Baroda Offers Various Types Of bank of baroda pashupalan loan Such As Baroda Kisan Credit Card and schemes for purchasing agricultural implements, heavy machinery like tractors, irrigation, and other infrastructure. They also finance the development of agricultural industries like horticulture, sericulture, fisheries, dairy, and poultry.
  • Bank of India provides the Kisan Credit Card Scheme and offers agricultural loans for the development of agriculture-related industries, machinery purchase, and other agricultural purposes.
  • Bank of Maharashtra offers agriculturists the Mahabank Kisan Credit Card and financial schemes for digging new wells, purchasing harvesters, livestock, vehicles, and land. Repayment terms for different agricultural loans range from three to fifteen years.
  • Canara Bank provides Kisan Credit Cards with no margin for limits up to 50,000, while those above 50,000 have a margin of 15 to 20 percent.
  • Central Bank of India offers the Central Kisan Credit Card, a credit service for farmers based on their holdings to purchase agricultural inputs.
  • Corporation Bank offers various loan schemes to farmers, including Corp Gram Mitra Yojana, Corp Arthias Loan Yojana, Corp Kisan Tie-Up Loan Scheme, Corp Kisan Farm Mechanisation Scheme, and Corp Kisan Vehicle Loan Yojna.
  • Dena Bank sponsors two Regional Rural Banks, Dena Gujarat Gramin Bank in Gujarat, and Durg Rajnandgaon Gramin Bank (DRGB) in Chhattisgarh. They also have financial schemes like Dena Swacch Gram Yojana, Dena Kisan Gold Credit Card Scheme, and Dena Bhumiheen Kisan Credit Card Scheme.
  • Indian Bank offers a wide range of schemes for agriculturalists, including Swarojgar Credit Card, Gramin Mahila Sowbhagya Scheme, Kisan Bike Loan Scheme, Yuva Kisan Vidya Nidhi Yojana, and Indian Bank Kisan Card Scheme.
  • Indian Overseas Bank provides Agri Business Consultancy Services, including feasibility and market studies, project reports, and rehabilitation packages for sick agro units.
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce has two agricultural projects, the Grameen Project and the Comprehensive Village Development Programme.
  • Punjab and Sind Bank offers various financial schemes for farmers like Zimidara Credit Card, tractor finance scheme, drip irrigation scheme, Kheti Udyog Khazana Yojana, vermi composting scheme, horticulture clinic, and private veterinary clinic with dairy unit scheme.
  • Punjab National Bank has a special website called PNB Krishi for agriculturalists, listing financial schemes for production credit, investment credit, composite loans, animal husbandry, and farm mechanization.
  • Syndicate Bank provides a wide range of syndicate bank agricultural loan products, including Synd Jai Kisan Loan Scheme, Jewel Loan Scheme for Agriculture, Syndicate Farm House Scheme, Finance for Hi-tech Agriculture, Development of Irrigation Infrastructure scheme, Syndicate 2/3/4 Wheelers Scheme, and the Syndicate Kisan Credit Card (S.K.C.C).
  • UCO Bank offers the UCO Hirak Jayanti Krishi Yojana to meet the long-term credit needs of the farming community in rural areas for agriculture, allied activities, and personal purposes.
  • Union Bank Of India provides facilities like Kisan ATM Cards and Special Kisan ATM Machines with voice-enabled features in the local language, touch screen monitors, and a biometric authentication system for fingerprint verification.
  • United Bank Of India offers a range of financial schemes to agriculturalists, including the United Krishi Laghu Paribahan Yojana, United Krishi Sahayak Yojana, United Gramyashree Yojana, Gramin Bhandaran Yojana, and the United Bhumiheen Kisan Credit Card.
  • Vijaya Bank offers the comprehensive financial scheme known as the Vijaya Krishi Vikas (VKV) Scheme, which is available to all farmers, including owners, tenant cultivators, leased land farmers, and sharecroppers.

pashupalan loan apply online :

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1. Go To The Official Website Of Respective Banks & Click On The Apply Button To Apply For Loan.

2. Fill Up Your Personal Details , KYC Form , Required Loan Details & Submit.

3. Wait For The Call From The Executives.

Conclusions :

Livestock Loans Are A Specialized Form Of Financing That Benefits Farmers, Prioritizes Animal Welfare, And Encourages Agricultural Growth. They Come With Features Tailored To The Unique Needs Of Livestock Farming.

Moreover, Livestock Loans Prioritize The Welfare Of Animals, Leading To Higher Productivity And Profitability. Beyond Individual Farms, They Have The Potential To Stimulate Rural Development And Strengthen The Overall Agricultural Industry. In Essence, Livestock Loans Are A Valuable Financial Tool That Empowers Farmers, Ensures Animal Well-being, And Contributes To The Prosperity Of Farming Communities.

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FAQs for Pashupalan Loan :

What Is The Livestock Loan Interest Rates ?

Ans – The Rate Of Interest Is Usually Between 7%to 12% Per Annum.

How To Apply For Bakri Palan Loan Yojana 2023 ?

1. Go To The Official Website Of Respective Banks & Click On The Apply Button To Apply For Loan.
2. Fill Up Your Personal Details , KYC Form , Required Loan Details & Submit.
3. Wait For The Call From The Executives.

How Can One Go About Repaying An Animal Husbandry Loan Scheme 2023 ?

Animal Husbandry Loans Can Be Repaid Using Various Methods, Including Post-dated Cheques, Setting Up Standing Instructions With The Bank, Making Automated Payments Through Ecs, Using Internet Banking, Or Utilizing Mobile Banking Services.

Where Can A Person Get An Animal Husbandry Loan Scheme 2023 ?
Bakri Palan Loan Yojana

Animal Husbandry Loan Scheme 2023 Can Be Available From Any Private Or Public Sector Bank.

What Is पशु पालन लोन योजना ?

The Government Of India Is Presently Implementing A Program Called The National Livestock Mission (NLM) Within The Framework Of The Integrated Dairy Development Scheme (IDSS) Sponsored By Nabard With minister animal husbandry. You Can Avail This Animal Husbandry Loan Scheme 2023 Through Any Bank Across The Country.

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