Stock Market Trading Holiday List 2023


Knowing stock market holidays is crucial for traders and investors. It helps you plan your moves, avoid unexpected market disruptions, track dividend and interest payments, and stay on top of important dates like options and futures expirations. Whether you’re trading locally or globally, understanding stock market Trading holiday list 2023 is essential for smart planning and risk management in the ever-changing world of finance.

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It Is Important To Know share market holidays because:

  • Trading Planning : It helps traders plan when to buy or sell stocks effectively.
  • Risk Management : You can avoid unexpected market moves during holidays.
  • Payments and Expirations : You can anticipate dividend payments, interest, and option expirations.
  • Global Trading : For international markets, knowing holidays in different countries is essential.
  • Economic Reports : You can plan for important data releases affecting market sentiment.
  • Risk Mitigation : Reducing exposure or hedging positions before holidays can mitigate risks.
  • Operational Considerations : It affects transaction settlement and working with financial institutions.

Understanding stock market Holidays List 2023 is pretty important for anyone involved in the world of investments and trading. The thing is, these holidays can be different from one country to another, and each stock exchange has its own unique schedule. So, here’s a general idea of some of the global stock market holidays you might encounter. Remember, this list is purely based on our research and may Have changed in some country .

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Stock Market Trading Holiday List 2023 :

Overview of share market holiday list 2023 for India, the United States, China, Japan, and Australia:

India (Bombay Stock Exchange – BSE and National Stock Exchange – NSE):

  1. Republic Day: January 26
  2. Mahashivratri: March 11
  3. Holi: March 7
  4. Ram Navami: March 30
  5. Good Friday: April 7
  6. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Jayanti: April 14
  7. Eid-ul-Fitr (Ramzan Id): April 30 (Date varies)
  8. Maharashtra Day : May 01
  9. EId-ul-adha (Bakra Eid) : June 29
  10. Independence Day: August 15
  11. Ganesh Chaturthi: Random Date On Aug/SEP
  12. Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti: October 2
  13. Dussehra : October 24
  14. Diwali: November 14
  15. Guru Nanak Jayanti: November 27
  16. Christmas: December 25

United States (New York Stock Exchange – NYSE and NASDAQ Holidays 2023):

  1. New Year’s Day: January 1
  2. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Third Monday in January
  3. Presidents’ Day: Third Monday in February
  4. Good Friday: Date varies (not a federal holiday, but some markets close early)
  5. Memorial Day: Last Monday in May
  6. Independence Day: July 4
  7. Labor Day: First Monday in September
  8. Thanksgiving Day: Fourth Thursday in November
  9. Christmas Day: December 25

China (Shanghai Stock Exchange – SSE and Shenzhen Stock Exchange – SZSE):

  1. New Year’s Day: January 1
  2. Chinese New Year (Spring Festival): Date varies (usually in January or February, observed for several days)
  3. Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day): April 4 or 5
  4. Labor Day: May 1
  5. Dragon Boat Festival: Date varies (usually in June)
  6. Mid-Autumn Festival: Date varies (usually in September)
  7. National Day: October 1

Japan (Tokyo Stock Exchange – TSE):

  1. New Year’s Day: January 1
  2. Coming of Age Day: Second Monday in January
  3. National Foundation Day: February 11
  4. Vernal Equinox Day: March 20 or 21
  5. Showa Day: April 29
  6. Constitution Memorial Day: May 3
  7. Greenery Day: May 4
  8. Children’s Day: May 5
  9. Marine Day: Third Monday in July
  10. Respect for the Aged Day: Third Monday in September
  11. Autumnal Equinox Day: September 23 or 24
  12. Health and Sports Day: Second Monday in October
  13. Culture Day: November 3
  14. Labor Thanksgiving Day: November 23
  15. Emperor’s Birthday: December 23

Australia (Australian Securities Exchange – ASX):

  1. New Year’s Day: January 1
  2. Australia Day: January 26
  3. Good Friday: Date varies (usually in March or April)
  4. Easter Monday: Date varies (usually in March or April)
  5. Anzac Day: April 25
  6. Queen’s Birthday: Second Monday in June
  7. Labor Day: First Monday in October
  8. Christmas Day: December 25
  9. Boxing Day: December 26

Knowing share market holiday list 2023 is crucial for investors and traders. It helps with planning, avoids unexpected disruptions, ensures timely income, and keeps track of critical dates. Whether trading locally or globally, understanding these holidays is essential for smart financial decisions.

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How Many Indian Stock Market Holidays 2023 ?

There Are Total 16 NSE Holidays.

US Stock Market Holidays List 2023 ?

There Are Total 9 us stock market holidays .

NSE Holidays 2022 List Pdf ?

Same As nse holidays 2023 list Pdf.

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