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Ekart franchise kaise le apply Online : Topic

Ekart Logistics is a well-known Indian courier and logistics company that specializes in providing efficient and reliable delivery services for various businesses and individuals. They offer a wide range of services, including express parcel delivery, e-commerce logistics, and supply chain solutions. Ekart Logistics is a subsidiary of Flipkart, one of India’s largest e-commerce companies.


Imagine you’ve just ordered a new smartphone from an online retailer in India. After completing your purchase, you eagerly await the delivery of your new device. This is where Ekart Logistics comes into play.

Once your order is confirmed, The Product Is handover to ekart logistics . Ekart Logistics takes charge of the entire delivery process. They pick up the smartphone from the retailer’s warehouse and ensure it’s packed securely. Then, a dedicated Ekart courier is assigned to your package, complete with a tracking number that you can use to monitor the shipment’s progress.

Over the next few days, Ekart Logistics efficiently transports your smartphone from the seller’s location to your doorstep. Their well-organized network of delivery personnel and vehicles ensures that your package arrives on time and in good condition.

On the day of delivery, you receive a notification, informing you of the approximate delivery time window. This allows you to plan your day accordingly, ensuring that you’re available to receive your new smartphone.

Finally, the Ekart courier arrives at your doorstep, hands you the package, and you’re now the proud owner of your new smartphone. Thanks to Ekart Logistics, the entire process was smooth and hassle-free.

In this example, Ekart Logistics plays a crucial role in ensuring the timely and safe delivery of your online purchase, demonstrating their expertise in the logistics and courier industry.

Business Approach 

Its Surprising but true that you can earn lakhs of Rupees per month by opening an ekart franchise. But First its important to have a knowledge about ekart business model. 

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The Business Approach of Ekart Logistics:

Ekart Logistics is committed to expanding its presence in India through the establishment of new branches and the authorization of individuals to operate as franchisees, allowing them to offer delivery services under the Ekart brand. This authorization system is reminiscent of a dealership and is aimed at facilitating the distribution of Ekart’s products and services.

In this operational model, Ekart Logistics initiates the process from its logistics centers, which serve as the starting point for all deliveries. This approach is designed to streamline the delivery process, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.

Prerequisites for Acquiring an Ekart Franchise:

To venture into the Ekart Franchise arena, certain prerequisites must be fulfilled. 

Here’s an overview of the essential requirements:

  1. Workspace: A dedicated office space equipped for computerized tasks is imperative.
  2. Documentation: Both personal and property-related documents will be necessary.
  3. Equipment: Depending on specific operational needs, equipment such as vehicles, barcode scanners, stickers, and printers may be required.
  4. Personnel: A dedicated team, for both office and fieldwork, is indispensable.
  5. Investment: Adequate financial resources are a fundamental requirement to kickstart the franchise.

Investment Procedure or criteria for Ekart Franchise:

Investment is a critical aspect of initiating and running an Ekart Franchise, and there are two distinct approaches to consider:

  1. Commencing with Minimal Investment

To launch operations with a modest budget, contemplate the following strategies:

  • Office Space: In the initial phase, consider leasing office space to minimize initial expenditures.
  • Vehicles: Instead of outright vehicle purchases, consider collaborating with delivery personnel who provide their vehicles.
  • Staff Compensation: Explore the option of compensating delivery staff with commissions based on their delivery performance, rather than a fixed monthly salary.
  • Equipment: Procure essential equipment such as laptops, barcode scanners, stickers, and printers at competitive prices.

Employing these strategies can enable you to commence your venture with an investment ranging from INR 10 to 15 lakhs.

  1. Building from the Ground Up

If you opt for a comprehensive start, be prepared for the following expenditures:

  • Franchise Fees: Typically ranging from 5 to 7 lakhs.
  • Office Costs: Allocate an estimated 6 to 7 lakhs for setting up the office.
  • Land Expenses: Dedicate approximately 20 to 25 lakhs for land acquisition.
  • Vehicles and Miscellaneous Expenses: Set aside 7 to 8 lakhs for vehicles and other associated costs.

Pursuing this approach would entail an investment of approximately 45 lakhs.

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Financial Assistance:

For those in need of financial support, the Government of India has introduced the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, offering low-interest loans to facilitate the establishment of new businesses. This scheme can prove particularly advantageous for individuals seeking to embark on an Ekart Franchise journey.

Land and Documentation Prerequisites:

While the land requirement is relatively modest, a recommended office space of 800 to 1200 square feet is suggested. Additionally, both personal and property-related documents, including proof of identity, address, financial records, and property documents, will be essential.

Commencing an Ekart Logistics Franchise holds the promise of a fulfilling endeavor, and with a strategic approach, you can tailor your investment to align with your budget and aspirations. By adhering to these stipulations and fulfilling the necessary criteria, you can embark on your journey as an Ekart franchisee.

how to apply for an Ekart Logistics franchise:

how to apply for an Ekart Logistics Franchise –

ekart franchise kaise le :

1. Contacting Ekart Logistics via Email:

To express your interest in acquiring an Ekart franchise, the initial step is to establish contact with the company through email. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Send an email to: (This is the Ekart logistics franchise email address)
  • In the subject line of your email, state: “Expressing Interest in Ekart Franchise.”
  • In the body of the email, compose a message similar to the following:
    “Dear team,
    I am getting in touch to communicate my interest in commencing an Ekart franchise in our local vicinity. Presently, our city lacks Ekart Courier services, leading to difficulties for many individuals. I am enthusiastic about providing a solution and request guidance on the necessary steps. Below, you’ll find my personal details:
    • Your Name
    • Address (including area pin code)
    • Contact Number
  • Your prompt assistance is greatly appreciated.”
  • Furnish all the requested information in the email, including the area for which you intend to acquire the franchise.

Following the submission of your email with your particulars, Ekart Logistics will assess your application, and you can anticipate a response via email or phone within one week.

2. Applying via the Website ( Ekart Franchise Kaise Le Apply Online ) :

Ekart franchise kaise le apply online

As an alternative, you can submit your application for an Ekart franchise through their official website by adhering to these steps:

  • Visit the Ekart Logistics website.
  • Access the “Contact Us” section.
  • Complete the mandatory fields, including your name, contact information, and a message expressing your interest in the franchise opportunity.

3. Contacting Customer Care:

If you require additional information or further assistance, you can also reach out to Ekart Logistics’ customer care through the following phone numbers:

  • Customer Care Number: 800 208 9898
  • Ekart franchise kaise le contact number : 800 208 9898
  • Alternate Customer Care Number: 800 208 1888
  • ekart phone Number : 800 420 1111

Once you’ve submitted your application or expressed your interest, Ekart Logistics will evaluate your request and initiate contact with you to discuss the subsequent steps in the franchise application procedure. It’s important to be patient during this process, as they may receive numerous requests and need time to thoroughly review each one.

Ekart Logistics Head Office & Logistics Franchise Toll Free Number

Logistics Franchise Customer Support Helpline

For any inquiries related to the Ekart Logistics Franchise, please feel free to reach out to us at our toll-free contact number:

ekart customer care number just dial : 1800 420 1111 

ekart helpline number : 08067982222

Ekart Logistics Head Office Address :

If you need to visit head office or send correspondence, here are office details:

Brigade Manae Court, First Floor,

No.111, Koramangala Industrial Layout,

Bangalore- 560 095, Karnataka,


For more information about Ekart Logistics and its services, you can visit our official website:

ekart Logistics Website:

( )

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Ekart Customer Care Number Just Dial ?

ekart customer care number just dial : 1800 420 1111 

Ekart Phone Number ?

ekart phone Number : 800 420 1111

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