Navigating The Indian Markets: Best Trading Apps Of India In 2023 ( Best Trading App India For Beginners )


If You Are Searching For The best trading apps of india in 2023 , You’ve Landed On The Right Page. In This Article I Am Going To Explain Top 5 Apps For Stock Trading In India, Based Upon My Trading Experience & Feedback.  Whether You’re A Beginner, Day Trader, An Investor, Or Simply Looking To Explore The World Of Finance, The “Best Trading Apps In India 2023” Is Your Gateway To Seizing Opportunities, Managing Risks, And Maximizing Your Trading Experience.

best trading app india for beginners , Their Features, Pros & Cons Are Discussed Below In This Article. 

Kite by Zerodha

Zerodha’s Flagship Trading Platform Kite Web As An Android App! Clean & Intuitive Ui, Super Fast And Super Light Back-end For All Your Investment And Trading Needs.

₹0 brokerage for investments and flat Rupees 20 for F&O trading from Zerodha

Read : Beginner’s Guide To Stock Market + PDF.

Kite By Zerodha


✅Notable enhancements in speed

✅Completely revamped design, encompassing all aspects from login to order placements

✅Kite provides advanced charting tools and technical indicators for in-depth analysis.

✅Biometric authentication (fingerprint and Face ID on iOS) for effortless logins and heightened security

✅Embedded Console reports and widgets

✅TradingView charts in addition to ChartIQ on both web and mobile platforms

✅You can trade in multiple market segments including equities, derivatives, commodities, and currencies.

✅Comprehensive overview screen for all tradable instruments

✅Kite offers a clean and intuitive interface that is easy to navigate for both beginners and experienced traders.

✅Immediate status update following order submissions

✅Push notifications for order updated

✅Expanded filtering and search choices within marketwatch and holdings sections

✅Personalizable multi-marketwatch views

✅Multi-exit functionality for positions

✅Smooth transition to other apps within the Zerodha Universe

✅Dark mode feature included


1. Low Brokerage:

Zerodha Is Known For Its Low Brokerage Charges Fees ,That Can Be Cost-effective For Traders.

2. No Minimum Deposit:

There’s No Minimum Deposit Criteria Required To Open An Account On Zerodha.

3. Direct Mutual Funds:

 Zerodha Provides A Platform To Invest In Direct Mutual Funds At No Extra Cost.

4. Educational Resources:

Zerodha Offers Educational Resources And Webinars To Help Traders And Investors Improve Their Skills.

5. Customer Support:

 Zerodha Basically Receives Positive Feedback For Its Customer Support.


1. Limited Research:

While Zerodha Provides Basic Research Tools, It May Not Offer The Extensive Research Capabilities Of Some Other Platforms.

2. No Physical Branches

Zerodha Operates Online-only, No Physical Branches For In-person Assistance.

3. Limited Global Markets:

Zerodha Mainly Focuses On The Indian Markets, So Trading Options For International Markets Might Be Limited.

4. Technical Glitches:

Like Any Online Platform, Zerodha’s Systems Can Occasionally Experience Technical Glitches Or Downtime.

5. Learning Curve:

The Platform’s Extensive Features Might Have A Learning Curve For Beginners.

5 Paisa App

The 5paisa App Is The Ultimate Solution For Investors Looking To Make The Most Of The Share Market And Mutual Funds.  Whether You’re A Seasoned Investor Or Just Starting Out, Our App Makes It Easy To Invest On The Go. This Is The Best Trading App In India Without Investment.

Open A Demat Account & Start Investing In Stock Market, Mutual Funds, IPO & F&O.

5 paisa App

It Is One Of The Best Trading Apps In India 2023.


✅ FREE Demat account 

Open FREE Demat account with 5paisa in less than 5 minutes 

100% paperless and smooth KYC process.

✅ Zero commission 

The Most Cost-effective Ways To Invest In Mutual Funds With Zero Commission Fees. 

✅ Easy equity and derivatives investing

Investing In Equity And Derivatives In The Share Market Super Easy For Everyone . 

✅ Rich IPO experience

Pre-Apply For Ipos In The Share Market .

✅ Use advanced tools

Advanced Share Market Charts Powered By Tradingview And Chartsiq On Both Web And App.

✅ Instant fund transfers

You Can Transfer Funds Through IMPS, NEFT, or RTGS. 

✅ Resources

It Provides Educational Content To Help Users Understand Trading And Investment Concepts Better.

✅  Indicators

The Platform Provides A Range Of Technical Indicators For Chart Analysis.

✅ Simple & Easy Withdraw money up to 4 times a day

Withdrawal Requests Will Be Processed On Time. 

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1. Low Brokerage:

 It Is Known For Its Cost-effective Brokerage Charges.

2. Research Tools:

The Research Tools Can Be Helpful For Traders Who Rely On Market Analysis.

3. Mutual Fund Investment:

The Platform’s Integrated Mutual Fund Investment Feature Is Easy And Simple For Investors.

4. Multiple Investment Options:

 Besides Trading, 5paisa Offers Investment Options Like Insurance And Loans.

5. User-Friendly Interface:

The Platform’s  Interface Makes It Easy For Users To Navigate And Execute Trades.

Cons :

1. Limited Customer Support:

Some users have reported mixed experiences with customer support.

2. Limited Global Markets:

Similar to Zerodha, 5Paisa primarily focuses on the Indian markets.

3. Account Maintenance Charges:

There might be certain account maintenance charges associated with 5Paisa accounts.

4. Margin Funding:

 5Paisa might have certain limitations when it comes to margin funding for trading.


Upstox is one of India’s highest rated trading apps. With our smart and intuitive technology, online investments and trading is quick and easy.


Upstox Is The best trading app india for Beginners .


✅ ₹20/order on Equity, F&O, Currency & Commodity

✅ ₹0 demat account maintenance charge

✅ ₹0 commissions on IPOs and Mutual Finds

✅ Brokerage calculator Calculate & Compare

✅ Brokerage Charges Online:

✅ Ready-made Option Strategies.

✅ Market Direction And Get Pre-curated Option Trading Strategies

✅ Choose From Low And High Risk Option Strategize

✅ Know Profit Probability, Maximum Profit And Loss And Funds Needed

✅ Enjoy Option Chain, Option Greeks, OI and IV Data For Analysis

✅ Intraday + Swing Trading

✅ 24/7 IPO

✅ It Supports Various Order Types Including Market, Limit, Stop-loss, And More.

✅ It Provides Research Reports, Market News, And Analysis To Help Traders Make Informed Decisions.

✅ 2,500+ Mutual Funds

✅ Zero commission ingesting

✅ SIP investments starting at ₹100/month


1. Competitive Brokerage:

Upstox Is Known For Its Competitive Brokerage Charge.

2. Advanced Charting:

The Advanced Charting Features Are Advantageous For Technical Traders.

3. Fast Execution:

Upstox Is Reputed For Its Fast Order Execution And Minimal Downtime.

4. API Integration:

The Availability Of APIs Is A Plus For Traders Looking To Automate Their Strategies.

5. User-Friendly Interface:

The Platform’s Intuitive Design Makes It Suitable For Both Beginners And Experienced Traders.

6. Easy To Use Interface :

Invest Via Whatsapp Without Opening An Upstox Demat Account

Hassle-free, Zero Commission Upi Based Ipo Applications


1. Customer Support:

Some Users Have Reported Mixed Experiences With Customer Support.

2. Limited Global Markets:

 Like Other Indian Brokerages, Upstox Mainly  Focuses On The Indian Markets.

3. Account Maintenance Charges:

 There Might Be Certain Account Maintenance Charges Associated With Upstox Accounts.

4. Margin Funding:

 Similar To Other Brokerages, There Are Limitations On Margin Funding.

Angel One by Angel Broking

Angel One App allows you to invest, trade and grow your wealth in the share market stocks, US stocks, IPO, Mutual Funds, Commodities, Futures and Options.

Angel One By Angel Broking


✅ Open free Demat account online & start investing in the stock market

✅  to IPOs & avoid last minute rush with Angel One demat account

✅ Apply for IPOs using Angel One stock trading app via WhatsApp

✅ Apply to IPOs 24*7 & enjoy easy UPI based IPO applications from our share market app

✅ Trade in 5000+ stocks across large cap stocks, mid cap stocks & small cap stocks

✅ Smart Orders options like Stop Loss, GTT, Cover Order & Robo Order (Bracket Order)

✅Easy access to share market analysis reports.

✅ Invest In A Wide Range Of Mutual Funds Like Debt Funds, Liquid Funds, Small Cap, Large Cap, Mid Cap Mutual Funds, Hybrid Funds, Etc.

✅ Angel One Provides Educational Content And Webinars To Help Users Enhance Their Trading And Investment Skills.


1. Research Reports:

 Angel One is known for its extensive research reports and market insights, which can be beneficial for traders seeking analysis.

2. Mutual Fund Investment:

 The platform’s integrated mutual fund investment feature is useful for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

The user-friendly design of the platform is suitable for traders of all levels.

4. Research Tools:

 The research tools provided by Angel One can aid traders in their decision-making process.

5. Wide Ranges Of Options:

Invest In A Wide Range Of Mutual Funds Like Debt Funds, Liquid Funds, Small Cap, Large Cap, Mid Cap Mutual Funds, Hybrid Funds, Etc.


1. Brokerage Charges:

 Some users have mentioned that Angel One’s brokerage charges might be relatively higher compared to certain other platforms.

2. Customer Support:

Like with other brokers, users’ experiences with customer support can vary.

3. Limited Global Markets:

Angel One primarily focuses on the Indian markets, so trading options for international markets might be limited.

Groww App

Groww is a simplified finance app that enables you to open a free Demat account, and trade stocks at a low brokerage rate. This Is The Best Intraday App.

Grow App


✅ Easy sign-up, one-time KYC done within the App

✅  the app and start to invest in Systematic Investment Plan(SIP)/lump sum Mutual Funds

✅ Invest in equity mutual funds – small, large, mid, and multi-cap for the long-term, and higher returns.

✅ Groww is registered with SEBI, RBI & AMFI

✅ Get live Nifty/NSE Option Chain Price Chart

✅ 100% paperless online free Demat account opening

✅ Get stock analysis with company financials like P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash flow, etc & pick your best shares to buy.


1. Simplicity:

The platform’s simplicity and ease of use make it accessible to beginners. .

2. Mutual Fund Investment:

Groww’s focus on mutual funds is advantageous for those who primarily want to invest in this asset class.

3. Zero Commission:

The absence of commission fees for mutual fund investments can be cost-effective for investors.

4. Education:

Groww’s educational resources can be helpful for learning about investing.

5. Research Tools:

While not as extensive as traditional brokerage platforms, Groww offers basic research tools and market information.

6. Gold Investment

Groww allows users to invest in digital gold, providing exposure to the gold market.


1. Limited Market Segments:

Groww primarily focuses on mutual funds, stocks, and gold, so it may not offer the variety of market segments available with traditional brokerage platforms.

2. Advanced Features:

Groww might lack some advanced features and tools that experienced traders and investors might seek.

3. Customer Support:

Users’ experiences with customer support varies.

Final Words For Best Trading App India :

Determining The Best Trading App In India Platform Among Zerodha, 5paisa, Upstox, Angel One, And Groww Depends On Your Individual Needs, Preferences, And Trading Goals. One Thing For Sure That These Are The Best Trading Apps To Earn Money.Each Platform Has Its Own Strengths And Weaknesses. Let’s Take A Look At The Brief Summary All The Top 5 Apps For Stock Trading In India :

Best Trading App India

1. Zerodha: 

Known For Its Low Brokerage Charges, User-friendly Interface (Kite), And Comprehensive Features. It’s A Popular Choice For Both Beginners And Experienced Trades.

  • Android Rating – 4.3/5.0
  • IOS Rating – 3.2/5.0

2. 5Paisa:

Offers Competitive Brokerage Charges, Research Tools, And A User-friendly Platform. It’s Suitable For Traders Who Want Access To Research Reports.

  • Android Rating – 4.3/5.0
  • IOS Rating – 4.1/5.0

3. Upstox:

 Known For Fast Order Execution, Advanced Charting Tools, And Apis For Automated Trading. It’s Preferred By Technical Traders Who Value Chart Analysis.

  • Android Rating – 4.3/5.0
  • IOS Rating – 4.1/5.0 

4. Angel One:

Offers A Wide Range Of Financial Services, Including Research Reports, Mutual Fund Investment, And Stocks. It’s Suitable For Traders Seeking Research Insights.

  • Android Rating – 4.2/5.0
  • IOS Rating – 3.6/5.0 

5. Groww:

A Simple And User-friendly Platform Primarily Focused On Mutual Fund Investment, Making It Suitable For Beginners Looking To Invest In Mutual Funds And Stocks.

  • Android Rating – 4.6/5.0
  • IOS Rating – 4.4/5.0 

Consider What Matters Most : Low Brokerage, Research Tools, User-friendliness, Advanced Features, Or A Specific Focus On Mutual Funds.Ultimately, The Platform That Aligns With All Trading Goals And Preferences Will Be The Best India Trading App Choice For You.

Faqs For Best Trading App In India :

Best Trading App For Beginners ?

Top 5 Broking App In India Given Below :

1. Zerodha: 
Android Rating – 4.3/5.0
IOS Rating – 3.2/5.0

2. 5Paisa:
Android Rating – 4.3/5.0
IOS Rating – 4.1/5.0

3. Upstox:
Android Rating – 4.3/5.0
IOS Rating – 4.1/5.0 

4. Angel One:
Android Rating – 4.2/5.0
IOS Rating – 3.6/5.0 

5. Groww:
Android Rating – 4.6/5.0
IOS Rating – 4.4/5.0 

Above Are Also Best Trading Apps Of India In 2023.

Best App For Share Market ?

Please Refer This Article For Details Of Best App For Share Market.

Best Trading App In India ?

Best And Easy Trading App In India Platforms Are Zerodha, 5paisa, Upstox, Angel One, And Groww

Which App Is Best For Intraday Trading ?

In My Opinion, Upstox Is Best For Intraday Trading.

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